Monday, March 25, 2013

Remarkable makeover for renovation ideas!

After we purchased Dolly I spent quite a bit of time searching the internet for remodeling/renovation ideas to use for Dolly.  I found a great blog regarding an RV renovation and I have found inspiration from some of the renovations Lesli made to her motorhome/RV.

I absolutely LOVE this idea ~ removing the chair next to the door and replacing it with a beautiful piece of furniture.  This is great for additional storage, a beautiful furniture piece is added and it's a great location to place the TV.  This is MUCH better than having to strain the neck to see the TV in the front of the RV above the driver/passenger seats.

Another idea I like is removing the sofa and replacing it with two chairs (recliners, rockers, etc.).

To check out Lesli's blog and all of the fantastic updates she made, go here ~ Blue Jeans and Flip Flops.  Thanks to Lesli for sharing all of her great RV remodeling/renovation ideas!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Another fabric possibility ~ and a paint purchase!

I've been out fabric shopping again ~ well, I guess it's fabric hunting because I haven't actually purchased any fabric yet. I'm still trying to make a decision regarding putting black on the two side panels and this fabric on the top panel (span of 12 ' 6")?

I've thought about putting the white fabric (above) all the way around the slide but I'm afraid the side panels could possibly get dirty/grungy if hands repeatedly touched it. I still like the houndstooth for the top panel but still can't decide which fabric to use.

I purchased paint today at Sherwin Williams ~ yeah! White for the cabinets and Melange Green and Exclusive Plum for the walls.  Now the work definitely starts as I being painting ALL of the walls inside Dolly.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Yet another fabric possibility!

Here is another possibility for the fabric for the top portion of the slide ~
Selection 6 (Houndstooth)

This swatch of fabric is on the color board I posted earlier (February 10). We're SEC football fans and my DH, Jay, and Bear Bryant are cousins (Jay's great grandmother and Bear's grandmother were sisters) and Bear is remembered for the houndstooth hat he wore (and also his great coaching ability!).

I'm still wavering on which fabric to select for the top of the slide. I need to make a decision within the next week or so so I can purchase a fabric while Hancock and JoAnns are both having great sales.

Monday, February 11, 2013


I found tile for the kitchen back splash at Costco. It is approximately $25.00 per box and each box contains 5 tiles/5 square foot total ($5.00 per tile/square foot). I found a similar tile at Lowe's for almost $12.00 per tile/square foot!   I believe this tile will coordinate well with the white I'm going to paint the cabinets and the existing Corian countertop.

Additional fabric possibilities

I went to Hancock and JoAnn's again yesterday. Here are my selections for the top portion of the slide (the side panels will be done in solid black). I've selected the fabrics below because they are a heavier weight fabric which I think will work better than a lighter weight fabric. The fabric will span the top of the slide and be 12 feet 6 inches long and approximately 7 inches wide. I will not be reinstalling the wooden accent piece which, by the way, also has blue on it (two blue metal pieces running through it ~ see picture previously posted).  I'm still amazed at how much blue has been packed into such a relatively small space!!

Selection 1

Selection 2

Selection 3

Selection 4

Selection 5

I'm leaning toward #2 for the top panel of the slide as it is so elegant looking in person and the fabric weight I what I want/need. I'm definitely going to use the green dandelion fabric (see earlier post) as I absolutely love it! I'll make some pillows with it and possible use it to cover the seats on the dining chairs. I'm thinking about using the geometric fabric (also in previous post) with a solid black border for the window coverings in the living/dining room. I'm hoping it won't be too busy of a pattern for the roman shades I'm going to make. The fabric is 54" wide and the largest window is the one by the dining table (58" wide) and the window above the sofa is 54" wide. I don't want a seam in the center of the roman shade so I'll add black fabric (a few inches wide) as a border around the geometric fabric. I hope what I'm envisioning in my mind looks good once complete.


I went shopping for fabric again yesterday (and will go again today). I found several that I like but haven't yet purchased anything. JoAnn currently has 50% all Waverly fabrics and Hancock has all upholstery fabric on sale until February 20th (I believe it's 40% off).

I found the following two fabrics online ~

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ugly, outdated drawer pulls MUST go!

I've removed all of the doors, drawers and all of the hardware and we have 47 pulls and 56 (28 sets) of hinges. I found a great place for replacements that I'm going to use because I don't like the pulls in our MH and not even spray paint will correct how I feel about them! The company is Pulls Direct and they can be found here ~ Great place to find replacement hardware

Here are our current ugly discolored brass pulls (3" center to center) ~

This is what I'm going to order as replacement pulls. They are also 3" center to center but the overall length is 6" ~